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Email Marketing
E-mail Marketing is the wave of the future. Fast and cost-effective, e-mail must become an important part of your integrated marketing and media plan.

E-Mail Marketing Objectives
* Build brand awareness
* Save Cost
*Advertise Hot Deals
* Acquire new customers
* Drive immediate sales
* Enhance customer retention
* Build Customer Relation
* Provide product information
* Increase revenues up-selling
* Post-order targeted e-mails
* As part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Deliverables :
* Direct Distribution / Sales Force Tool
* Save Cost
*Serves both as direct-response vehicle and branding tool
* Creates personalized interactive relationships with customers
* Targets and entices recipients with relevant promotions
* Plants seeds for future travel plans
*Serves as a tool to move distressed inventory (Protects brand integrity)
* Fast Turn Around – especially template based
* Least expensive form of active marketing available
* Results are totally measurable
* It allows the Marketing Team to work smarter (not harder).
* Email Marketing is a Revenue Centre – Not a Cost Centre

From prospecting to retention, we deliver targeted customized email campaigns, measuring responses to analyze data accurately, giving you much more control of your market and making your data work to encourage customer loyalty.

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