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Colleges Management Software with an End-to-End ERP System

Cloud Based College Management Software

Cloud-based college management software allows them to manage student enrollment, attendance, online fees, grades, assignments, library book, and other related functions. It also allows for online marking, student performance reports, and other information. This makes it easier to manage faculty.

Our College Management Software System provides a complete solution to colleges for improving operational efficiency and institutional outcomes. It automates the Student-Faculty lifecycle as well as campus administration.

This college ERP is hosted on the cloud and helps educators streamline core activities using the latest technology stack like biometrics, business Intelligence Tools & Analytics Dashboard that generates precise reports about college admission, enrollment scholarship, past academic record, domicile, fees alerts, attendance, compliance management.

This college management software was designed to accommodate the various college operations. Our team knows that a cloud ERP is necessary for any college to be able to manage their administrative processes effectively.

  • Manual work is reduced by a lot
  • Faculty Management
  • Operation of both Academic and Non-Academic departments are in-sync
  • All modules can be generated reports/ receipts/ drafts
  • Your data remains secure
  • Affordable Customization
  • Modern Web Technologies
  • Reasonably priced
  • Online and offline support available 24 hours a day
  • The Key Features of College ERP Software

    These attributes are the foundation of our software and services:

    Cloud-based college management software is available for colleges worldwide. Our clientele includes 250+ colleges, universities and schools across India. Our central campus management system is available for law, science, commerce, and art colleges. We offer ERP solutions for engineering and pharmacy, medical management, autonomous colleges, and other areas.

    Benefits of College Management Software

    To ensure that every college can function smoothly, administrators must select an efficient College Administration System.

  • Accreditation Data Management and Compliance Reports
  • Module Accreditation Data Management Software to assist Higher Education Institutions in preparing for accreditation from agencies such as NBA / NAAC. This software allows institutions to manage institutional data, maintain necessary proofs and generate error-free reports.

  • Multi-campus Structure for Different Societies
  • CCMS supports multi-campus structures that allow trusts and educational society to have centralized databases & streamline operations across unitary schools/colleges while still maintaining their autonomy.

  • Dashboard for Auto-Triggered Analytics and Reports
  • Automated emailing of daily reports to admins and BI-powered analytics dashboard integration for monitoring activities & providing valuable insights to drive institutional performance. Daily collection reports that are auto-generated and auto-triggered, showing an overview of daily work. A dashboard with key performance indicators allows stakeholders to assess institutional performance.

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