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Mamp Infotech is an award-winning web design and development company. The primary product we offer is an interactive website development package. This package offers website owners, small or large businesses, organizations, and individuals a variety of high-quality services that will help them market their products or services online in an effective manner.

One of the services Mamp Infotech offer is website design and development using PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS-SQL, and XML. This web design and development package includes all necessary software to build dynamic websites.

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This website design and development package is very simple to use and have many features that make it easy for even novices to develop a website. The package also comes with free training and resources. The first website that the website design and development team worked on was a website for a Foam Villa.

When the website was complete and used by the public, it began to attract more visitors than the website was capable of handling. The website was so popular that it began to be downloaded hundreds of times a day. The next project that the team worked on was a social networking website for a local high school in India.

Mamp Infotech Team, Designed and Website Developed

With this background, the Mamp Infotech team understands how important it is for businesses, organizations, and individuals to have a well designed and developed professional website. The website development and the website design will be seamless together, as the team strives to provide quality products and services.


Overall, the services that the Mamp Infotech website design and development company offer are very beneficial. By taking advantage of the services we offer, you can expand your business at a reasonable price. Those looking for website design and development can look at the different packages of Mamp Infotech Company provide.

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